Film Scoring

We provide scores for both short and feature-length films, documentaries, interactive games, commercials, television programs and other productions that require original music composition.

List of available Equipment



EUPHONIX 300 Channel 2-seat SYSTEM 5 HYBRID


DK-Audio 600M Metering

Dolby LM100 with hardcopy printout

DSM7.1 Down Mixer (2)


Audio Monitors


Genelec 1037A 5.1, 7071A sub

Genelec 1031A 5.1, 7071A sub

Genelec 1030A 5.1, 1092A sub

Genelec 8020

KRK Rokit 8

Yamaha NS-10m


Audio Decks


Tascam DA98Hr

Tascam DA88 (2)

Studer A827 24 Track 2"

Alesis M20

Alesis ADAT Xt (2)

Alesis ADAT Xt-20 (2)

Various DAT machines

HHB CD writer


Audio Encoders


Dolby Digital DMU (Dolby-license required prior to use)



DTS-T2 (DTS-license required prior to use)

Dolby Surround (enc/dec)


Available upon Request


ISDN services

Sony 3348

Studer A80

Otari 24 track 2"


Dolby Digital encoder/decoder

Additional Protools systems

HDcam, HDcam-SR

Rental of Equipment as needed

Digital Editing Stations


Protools HD accel & mix systems

Logic 7 and Logic 8 with 56 ch MADI IO

CEDAR DNS2000 Diag cleaning

TC ELECTRONIC System 6000 Backdrop

Protools Digi003 (multiple systems)

Final Cut Pro HD

Avid System

DIGI002 systems


Video Systems


Sony HD Fromt Projection System

Sony HD Rear Projection Monitor

DLP projection in Dub stage

Beta SP transports

DVCpro50 transports

3/4" tape transport

1/2" tape transport (S-VHS & VHS)

MiniDV Deck

DVcam Deck

Video Monitoring


Sony 6' Rear Projection Monitor

Da-Lite 136" 16x9 Microperf Screen

Sony HD Front Projection system


Audio Processors


TC Electronics 6000 w/ 16 digital IO

(2 systems) backdrop / unwrap

/ 5.1 mastering / 5.1 reverbs / 5.1 effects

and more - total: 8 TC engines

Lexicon 200 (3)

Lexicon PCM 71

Lexicon MPX 1

Drawmer Comp/Lim (4)

Pultex Filter

Avalon M5 Mic Pre

Avalon U5 Instrument Pre

TLAudio Tube Comp/lim

Gain-Brain Limiter (4)

Keypex gate (4)

Alesis MidiVerb (3)

Alesis Q2

DBX 166A comp/lim

DBX comp/lim (2)

Beringer stereo expansion

Urie LA4 (2)